Monday, August 07, 2006

The Girl Who Ate Everything Comes For Lunch

Robyn, whom you know from The Girl Who Ate Everything, came for a lunch visit with her mom. We met at Makeda's in New Brunswick. Here's Robyn taking a shot of her white chocolate mousse cake. It was a pleasure meeting Robyn after corresponding for some time and reading her blog for a year. She and her mom were fine dining companions and lively conversationalists. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope to visit with them again.


Robyn said...

ACTION SHOT! :D (Not that much action is involved in holding a camera.)

I had a great time! Glad you did too. I just ate fruit for dinner...uh, and some chocolates. (cough) I hope to get my review of Makeda up later this week.

hereandthere123 said...

Yes, it shows how much of an amateur shutterbug I am!

Same here on the fruit for dinner bit. Just about a serving of watermelon. Glad you liked Makeda's. Next time, we should go for Indian in Edison. :)