Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The window issues

Well, the new windows are done and in. However, as you can see from the series of photos below, there were a few issues. Unfortunately, there also were some phone calls from the window salesman that were particularly stressful. For nearly all of the issues, he said that the replacement or refunds would be "no problem." But, when it came to taking responsibility for his workers' damage to the siding and what he called "capping" (see below) in two places, there was a problem. He also really didn't like to hear that I was not going to pay him the second half of the fee until the issues were resolved. I still have to receive a quote from the townhouse association for the siding and capping replacement. He was quite agitated and started making up quotes. I stopped him and said that I had no idea where he was getting those numbers since we're still waiting for the quote. I'm sure it will continue to be contentious. I just hope it doesn't get litigious. It's such small stuff, he should just be professional about it and own the damage. Will keep you posted.

This is a pesky gap in the caulking of the half moon window in the hall. It will be repaired soon.

There's a tiny bit of caulking that needs to be done here, but they'll do it soon. The gap in the caulking is at 2 o'clock on the half moon. Looks like a small black dot in this photo.

This is the left bottom corner of the bathroom window. As you can see, there is a vertical tear in the siding by the corner. The siding requires replacing. It's not a big piece, nor would it be a big job. However, I will be billed for a replacement that happened as a result of the window installation. So, I'm holding the window installers/window salesman responsible. Until all the issues are resolved, I'm holding the second half of the payment of the windows. There aren't that many issues, and overally, we're pleased. But, we will be paying a lot of money for a job that isn't done to our satisfaction, so fair being fair, there it is.

This is the tear in the siding of the lower right portion of the bathroom window. The window salesman is claiming that it would be impossible for "him" (he hired contractors to do the work) to have done this. It wasn't like this before.

Yes, that's my index finger of my left hand pointing to the horizontal scratch between the panes of glass on the lower sash on the right dining room window. This sash will be replaced soon. It's under warranty, as are all the windows and the installation. So, if any of the windows crack, break, etc., they are covered.

Oh what lovely gashes. In the installation of the sliding glass door, in front of the right-most panel, the installer made two deep gashes and one long, gray scrape along the bottom of the door. You can see the carpet below. Since it would require disassembling the door, we asked for a discount off the final price. The window salesman said he'd knock $100 off. That's what my guess was.

These are the chips in the white paint of the sliding glass door. It's the outdoor handle. The chips are pretty deep. The window salesman said he would replace the handle.

This is the lower left corner gash in the capping of the dining room window. The window salesman said that he would cover that. He also said that he wanted to do the work himself, but the townhouse association will be doing the work.

This is the ripped capping (the trim around the window) on the lower right corner of the dining room. As you can see, both the vertical and horizontal caps need replacing.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Yep, these guys just keep on going. In fact, the big red tulips that I didn't expect from last year have come up. Oh happy day! Most of them have multiblooms per stem. You can't tell, but behind and around the blooms are plantings of creeping phlox that will most likely start blooming next week. The tree which is in the middle of this planting is covered with tiny fragrant pink flowers at the moment.

A new yellow tulip opened and the crimson tulips are just as happy as they can possibly be. New plantings are the three dahlia. Yes, I know only two are blooming. I knocked of a bloom from the right-most one, but new buds will open by next week.

New blooms and new blue plantings. Winter hardy, bicolor purple pansies; blue forget-me-nots; purple primulae; and blue and fushia columbines. There's also a few volunteer columbines here and there from last year's plantings.

I can't wait until next year when the new pink and fushia primulae planted here are as big as that vivacious crimson one in the right corner. There's also a light pink columbine right in the middle for balance.

Here I am leaning out of my new hallway window taking a top-down shot of the lower left section of the garden by the front door. As you can see, I planted a bunch of ground cover as a border. It's supposed to grow to 12 inches, but I'll bet it won't, especially once the Japanese red maple unfurls its leaves. The new stuff includes the two purple primulae, blue forget-me-nots, bi-color winter hardy purple pansies, and pink and blue columbines.

This is how the happy little plot by the garage is doing this week. On Saturday, I planted a fushia primula and a blue forget-me-not in the center by the plant that's trying furiously to come back from a tough winter. The daffodils are really late, but have finally put out buds. The way the weather is going here, they're like to pop by Thursday.

Friday, April 15, 2005

The Windows Update

Well, the window guys have been here since about 10 am. They dismantled the diningroom windows and sliding glass door, and have replaced the dining room window, but it still requires caulking. This morning, it was windy and cold while they had the windows out downstairs and all the crap from outside blew in. I was warned, so all the furnishings were covered in plastic drop cloths. The floor, however, is filthy. So is the kitchen. I'm so glad I only have to do this once.

Below you'll see a series of photos from this morning. I hope they finish before 8 tonight, but I don't have very high hopes since it's nearly three and nothing has been done upstairs yet. :(

I will be spending my Saturday cleaning.

Here's a nice little collage of how the garden looks today. Enjoy!

Not a great photo, but here are the new dining room windows, without the caulking of course. Everything in the house except the open carpet spaces is covered in plastic drop cloths. Even though it's a lovely day, it's windy and all the pollen, dirt and buggy things have flown inside the house. It will take me forever to clean!

Right after he knocked out the window and a big chunk fell on his head. You can see at the top of the half-moon some leftover broken glass. The bottom screen is on the sidewalk.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Big worries

Today and tomorrow the windows are supposed to be replaced. My big worry is that the workers will destroy the plants under the tall front window.

Right where you would stand a ladder, I have a pink carnation plant, several blooming tulips, several tulip plants about to bloom, and columbines that are just popping up their second set of leaves. I do plan to ask the workers to please avoid disturbing the plants if they can, but I'm expecting garden carnage. :(

Seems that the drier weather is making the tulips stand up a bit straighter. I had posted some questions below. If you have a chance to take a look and comment, that would be great. Thanks! Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

These are fantastic light yellow tulips (I know, they look white, but they're not, they're yellow). They're not your standard tulips--the petals fan out almost as if they're saying "Give me more sun!" They've been getting plenty of sun lately, that's for sure. And even more today...

Gorgeous Spring Weather

Get outside! I only say that because I want to be outside. I have to look through three panes of glass and two sets of ugly vertical blinds to see the sun shining on the greenery and cars outside. NOAA is predicting mostly sunny days and temperatures in the high 50s and low 60s through the whole week.

That's especially timely since I'm having all the windows replaced on the house and need to move all the indoor plants outside.

One quandry though--what do I do with the very late blooming Christmas cactus that has budded finally? Where do I move it to? Do I take into the office? Will the buds drop off? This is the first time it has ever bloomed in my care, so the last thing I want to do is stop it from blooming.

Another question--how do I get rid of the purple clover? It doesn't grow like the green stuff and tends to break at the stem when I try to pull down at the ground. Is there an organic spray to use?

Wish me luck with the plants!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Wow, the tulips are incredible! and the photos do them quite some justice.

Here are more of those tulips around the side of the tree.

These tulips came up a bit funny. I'll bet you dollars to donuts that all that rain is to blame. These guys are planted all around the tree in the front of the yars.

The most cheerful bit of the garden to see at first is this yellow primrose, with it's one orange flower. To its right and left are daylillies.

Just some nice red ordinary tulips in the bed by the door, right in front of the Japanese red maple that's just putting out some buds.

This is the tiny flower bed on the way to the front door and to the left (as you face it) of the garage. There are more of those great light yellow tulips; purple, lavendar and white hyacinths (that aren't too fragrant); more tulips that have yet to bloom; and some purple flowering ground cover. The bed extends toward the front by about 6 inches that weren't captured in the photo (that's where we're expecting new blooms).

Lovely red primroses located in the flower bed by the front door. As you can see, I just love mulch.

Friday, April 01, 2005

First post ever

Over the past few weeks, I've been checking out the many marvelous food blogs available. The photos are lovely, as are the recipes.

Since I have this wee chocolate company, Deb's Delectables, I thought I'd give this thing a shot and see how it goes. Wish me luck!