Saturday, April 01, 2006

Just a quickie update, we finally ate the pizza slices from Pala. While not as good as the pie at Luzzo's, it wasn't bad. Crispy, light crust, subtle flavors and unusual cheeses make these an alternative to your classic street pizza. So, clockwise from the top, we have slices of Montasio (homemade walnut spread, mantasio cheese and fior di latte mozzarella), Bufala Cruda (buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomato sauce, freshe basil and olive oil from Apulia), Mediolanum (gorgonzola cheese, asparagus, fior di latte mozzarella and tomato sauce), and Classica (tomato sauce, fiori di latte mozzarella and basil). First, I tried the Montasio. This is my first exposure to montasio cheese, and I liked it. There was a definitely walnutty flavor to this slice. Next, I had the Mediolanum, which I'd already tried sitting on a stool at Pala (198 Allen Street, by the way). I kept hearing Wallace say "I do enjoy some gorgonzola..." in my head. It was good, but needed a little salt. John concurred that the pizza was lacking in seasoning. He had the Classica, sans basil. He definitely preferred Luzzo's. Finally, after a few days pizza-free, I had the last slice of Bufala Cruda. By that time, it was hardly fair to judge since fresh pizza should be eaten or frozen immediately. Regardless, I heated it up in the toaster oven and had a nice, crunchy slice to try. Again, it needed seasoning, but it was fine. Next time, I'm just going for the rice balls and a big salad. Besides, I should be eating less pizza now that it's warmer out. In other news, a brief matzoh update -- I finally succumbed and bought a box of egg matzoh at Super Stop & Shop. Isn't it weird that the stores don't sell these in 5 lb packages like they do the regular matzoh? I also saw a box of spelt matzoh on sale for $3.00!!! I do intend to try it, but after the egg box is finished. I'm working on a matzoh brei recipe, so when I've got it down to where I like it, I'll share it here. Have a fantastic weekend! P.S. More of the tulips are open, and I'll be posting some photos next week.

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