Saturday, April 08, 2006

Here's just a quick look at the plot by the house. If you'd been really keeping track, I chopped all the dusty miller down to the ground about 9 days ago. It's already sprouting right back up due to the rain and 50-60 degree temps. Right in front, on the left and right are the roses Chuck helped me plant last year. They're doing that leggy thing, but I'd also cut them all the way down as well. The red tulips are much prettier than last year, and for the first time since I planted them, all the primulae will be in bloom at the same time. Some of the lighter-colored tulips are finished (already!!!), but more keep popping up, luckily. The irises Mom gave me last fall are coming up, but they might just be on time for a May bloom. The only ground cover that's blooming is all the way over in the lower left corner. Finally, there's a columbine that will probably bloom next week (show-off!). Not bad for early April, if I do say so myself.

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