Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In Praise of Cheese Sandwiches

One of my favorite pleasures in life is the pairing of cheese with bread. It gets even better when that cheese is melted, whether on a pizza or a sandwich. I can think of numerous ways to prepare a grilled cheese, and it makes me happy just to think about it. It brings back memories of sitting in Dawn's kitchen while she grilled me up a swiss cheese on rye with enough butter in the pan to bring down a horse.

This morning, while checking some of the food blogs, I came upon this post by Kalyn. She objects strongly to a certain food columnist who sees fit to criticize in a pretty unchecked way those of us who blog about food (or anything else for that matter) for the sheer pleasure of it. In a rather sanctimonious way, he is determining the standards of "good" food blogging. While he is entitled to voice his opinion (as columnists do), he does not have the right to dictate how/when I am to blog.

This type of food blog snobbery does not go unchallenged. Especially when it comes to his rant about cheese sandwiches and their place in the food blog world. It is for that reason that I fully support Kalyn in her efforts and have made a grilled pita cheesey snack that I chronicle with photos below. Please visit her site and read about the controversy. Support her effort by having cheese sandwiches of your own.


Liz said...

My sister is a vegetarian and loves the grilled cheese at McKee's Tavern at Whitetail in Mercerburg, PA. Apparently they put in Monterey jack, Cheddar and (I think) Colby, as well as tomatoes, grilled onions, and spinach.

I raise this stunning creation to you and Kalyn.

Food on, yo! :D

hereandthere123 said...

Sounds fantastic! I really dig your cycling site, too. Thanks for your comment, Liz.

Kalyn said...

Nice post. Thanks for the support.