Monday, February 13, 2006

Blizzard, Schmizzard

Welcome to the blizzard of 2006. It really wasn't as bad as the succession of storms we had last year. Those news people really sensationalized it. Although it did take John 3x the time it normally takes him to get to work. He's such a smart guy. He took the series of photos the follow below all during the storm to capture what had happened. Prior to the storm, we'd been reading at the NOAA site about "thunder-snow". What could that be? Well, we found out. Imagine a big thunderstorm, but with heavy snow instead of rain. While it was happening, we cleaned the house, John tied flies, I baked some baked ziti and fruit bars, and we watched the olympics. Oh, and I visited that Join Bode site, and it's a colassal waste of time unless you're a big Bode and Nike fan. I am neither. However, I will cheer for Sean White! Yay! Don't those medals look like they're wearing CDs? Cheesy. Bring back the real medals!

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