Monday, September 25, 2006

Blogging By Mail in the Main

Blogging by mail is really a load of fun. Last week, Shammi's box arrived in the mail, and I couldn't wait to see what she sent. She was very generous: two cookbooks, homemade spices, Marmite, and a homemade savory cookie snack. I haven't tried everything yet, but what I have tried has been very tasty. Thanks, Shammi!

Below is a photojournal of my blog-pal's blogging by mail box (except the little English cookbook, for some reason, the photo didn't come out).


Shammi said...

Glad you were pleased with my parcel, Deb :)

chaindropz said...

My wife knows someone who sells spices that I like and they are begining to be sold in Grocery stores. They sell spices for Game that is also good on steak. I have a bottle of dry powder in front of me now that is Southern Flavor Cajun (HOT) Seasoning. His e-mail address is on the bottle.
His web site is

Now that I got that said drop by chaindropz solutions for a laugh.