Saturday, October 07, 2006

Again, going left to right, top to bottom (excepting the repeated photo in the top left corner): 1. The dough sat patiently, waiting for us to divide it up into portions and roll it out; 2. The yummy filling gently sauteing in the 12-in non-stick pan John's Mom sent us from QVC (pretty nice); 3. Almost done cooking the filling; 4. John using the long end of a steel spatula to divide the dough equally into eight parts; 5. Finished filling; 6. John's perfectly divided dough (sorry no photos of rolling out the samosa dough or our stuffing and folding process); 7. Freshly baked samosas on a small plate; 8. Innards for Robyn. The final product was much blander than we thought it would be, however we left out a few ingredients, so it serves us right. We were satisfied with the baked taste rather than deep frying them like authentic samosas. On the other hand, Shammi's homemade gram masala powder was the best part. Really tasty and made the house smell fantastic. Now that we have all the ingredients required, we will make these again, but probably use more the Epicurious recipe than Sanjeen Kapoor's just for comparison. Finally, I wish Sanjeen had mentioned the length of time it takes to make these. It took a couple of hours, and we were pretty hungry by the time they were done.

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