Thursday, March 16, 2006

This is the interior of Little Smoky Dream. We were happily surprised to find it tidy and well-furnished. Going clockwise from the top left, the photos depict the gas fireplace, the kitchen/bistro area, living room and stairwell, bedroom loft (king-size, very squeaky bed), 1st floor full bath (there also were a washing machine and dryer in the bathroom), the loft bathroom with jacuzzi tub, game room (basement)(also a bathroom down there), living room, dining table (viewed from the loft). I'm making a cameo in the center photo. I'm looking at the rules and guidelines for the cabin. It was really well done, except the bed was too soft for us, so our backs hurt a bit. Also, there was a bit of dirt that had to be tidied on the stairwell. Otherwise, it was really cushy digs for a cabin on a mountain in Tennessee. The sofa in the living room opens up to sleep two, so if you wanted to share expenses, you could do so easily. Warning, the only storage closet is downstairs in the basement. Typically, you won't need to hang much on a cabin-type vacation, but since we were getting married, we had stuff to hang.

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