Thursday, March 16, 2006

My first stop was lunch, albeit a late one since I put coins in the meter at 1st Ave and 6 th street at 3 pm. I walked up to nearly 13th street to have a really good pizza at Luzzo's. They cook their pies in a coal-burning oven, as opposed to your typical wood-burning brick oven pizza joint. You can taste the difference. You can taste the coal. I'm not sure what they use for their crust or if it's the oven that makes the texture of the crust so light and toasty, but it was some of the nicest pizza crust I've eaten. The service was fun -- the owner served me and took my photo when he saw that I had taken pictures of the pizza. The place was nearly empty except for us, the cook, and the few take-out customers coming in and out from the windy street.

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Cate said...

The pizza looks fantastic!