Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Back to the food... I'm sorry these Arancini di Risi are out of focus. If you think they look like huge lumps here, you're right. They were. I stopped in at Pala on my way to the Holland Tunnel yesterday and picked up these lovelies and a few slices of their great pizza. I'll blog about the pizzas next time. In the meantime, let me tell you about these risotto balls. First, I didn't have them right after I ordered them. I nearly ate an entire one cold for lunch today, it was that good. I can only imagine how heavenly it would have been to have had it right after they made it. Their red sauce (what the arancini are sitting in here) is the perfect match for the flavors of the risotto, the cheese and the spinach inside. Traditionally, I've seen these made with meat, so I was very happy to have them just with the yummy cheese inside. I'd definitely go back and just have these and a salad next time. More importantly, I plan to sit there and enjoy them right away. Pala is located at 198 Allen Street (between Stanton and Houston Sts.). Not to be missed.

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