Tuesday, September 12, 2006

After Tyler and I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we headed downtown to Angelica Kitchen (12th Street near 2nd Ave). If you haven't been there, it's an organic vegan paradise. For $6.50, you can have a "picnic plate," like I had, with a serving of hummus and pita, an interesting cold salad of roasted tomatoes and other lovely veggies in season, and my favorite bit -- the walnut lentil pate. Makes me want some right now just thinking about it, but since I'm an hour and change south and west of the City, that's not happening now. I have to commend my 11 year old nephew, who bravely tried everything. I wasn't crazy about the hummus, so he ate mine. I had his salad. But, he really liked the walnut-lentil pate, so I might just try to figure out a way to make it myself.

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