Saturday, January 28, 2006

What a healthy dinner, Deb! On my plate is a serving of the tilapia, green beans and some yummy spaghetti squash I reheated while we were cooking the rest of this dinner. The tilapia was delicious even though the breading and most of the spices stuck to the big pan. I wish we had taken a photo of that. If anyone has any tips on how not to get the fish stuck to the pan when searing, we'd appreciate it. But, overall, I'd rate the dinner an 8. Very tasty fish with perfectly soft and flaky consistency. I do have to tell you though, we had to put the fish back in the pan when we discovered that the thicker portions weren't cooked. The package told us to cook for 3 minutes per side, but I guess these needed closer to 5 minutes per side. In the end, we both agreed that we would eat tilapia again.

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