Sunday, January 01, 2006

To celebrate our last date night of 2005 and a few other special things (hehehehe), we decided on a shrimp extravaganza. We bought shrimp this time from Costco. Overall, they were good, although they didn't thaw as directed in the fridge. I took them out, placed them in a colander and thawed them for another hour or so while we had some chips and salsa. John and I had decided to make a multiplicity of dishes: Thai red curry shrimp, scampi with sugar snap peas, and Essence of Emeril grilled shrimp. Yes, we remembered what happened last time with Mr. Lagasse's recipe, but we made the essence in advance and didn't use very much at all. Too little, actually, as you'll see below. When we find a middle ground, I'll hopefully be there with my camera. It was great fun, as it always is, to cook together. And, we cleaned up together too. What follows below are the some photos and experiences of the last Shrimp Extravaganza of 2005. Enjoy!

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