Sunday, January 22, 2006

I have a new UPS man from Australia. How do I know that? Well, since I've been home during the days, and since some gifts have been coming in from our recent announcement, John and I have been seeing the UPS man almost every day. This box full of Polish pottery is our gift from Mom and Dave. Mom asked us what we wanted, and we couldn't think of anything. That is, until I looked at all the chipped, mismatched, scratched, old dishes that were in the cupboard. I looked online and made a list, not expecting the parents to be so generous, but they went ahead and got the entire list! Wow! So, when the boxes started arriving, I washed all the new things and packed all the old things up in their boxes to give away to those less fortunate. Below is a photo shoot of the new pottery. Details: the pattern is called Peacock, we received a pitcher, two platters, a spoon rest, a napkin holder, a utensil holder, an octagonal bowl, and 8 each of dinner and salad plates. Gorgeous, handpainted stuff that you can stick in the dishwasher, microwave and oven. Thanks again Mom and Dave! You'll be dining on it very soon!

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