Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Valentine's Day boxes! Yay! Decorated with cute little puffy hearts and ribbons, they hold many goodies inside. I finally ordered business cards today. Can you believe it? After nearly two years of being in business, and I hadn't bought (or successfully printed myself) a set of business cards? Next, I need to find a box manufacturer. These are ultra-swanky boxes I bought from Williams-Sonoma right before I started the business. They had a huge sale and I stocked up on every color and plaid in pastels. I printed the labels myself on the color printer, but I'd like to get purple boxes and print the logo in white. In the meantime, swanky boxes are what will be shipped to some lucky chocolate recipients.


Robyn said...

All your chocolates look so good! God, I'm hungry for more. :O I might have to buy Valentine's chocolates for myself, hahaha! Love all the photos you've been posting.

hereandthere123 said...