Sunday, June 11, 2006

I made two crowns: one in a non-stick, dark aluminum pan; the other in an Emile Henry pie dish (cream interior, forest green exterior). This one, the aluminum pan crown, was uniformly browned on the top and the upskirt (technical food term for the bottom. This is the one I'm saving for Mom and Dave. I tried the other one and it reminded me a great deal of the kinds of foods my great Aunt Anna used to make. If you go back in my archives to November 2005, you'll see photos of my great Uncle Hy. Anna was his wife for more than 70 years until she succumbed to Alzheimer's. But, when I was a child and living in California, we used to visit my Mom's aunt and uncle in Long Beach. Anna made most of her food by scratch, and most of it was pretty bland. She probably would have enjoyed this bread. When Mom and Dave try it, I think they would agree.

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