Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here's a box I've put together for a new visitor to my site. I'll be making some new dark chocolates soon and will be posting photos of the results -- especially the very pretty ones. :D From left to right, top to bottom: White Chocolate Coconut Fantasy, Dark Chocolate LOVE, Milk Chocolate Ganache Swirl, Dark Chocolate Solid Fancy Heart, Milk Chocolate Solid Mini Butterfly, Dark Chocolate Caramel, Milk Chocolate Fancy Cherry Heart, White Chocolate Coconut Crunchie, Milk Chocolate Cappuccino Rose, Dark Chocolate Solid Mini Starburst, Milk Chocolate Marzipan Wonderbow, Milk Chocolate Crispy Jewel, Dark Chocolate Solid Mini Butterfly, and Milk Chocolate Toffee Crunchie. Whew. I packed it in purple tissue in my purple Deb's Delectables box with a nice white ribbon. I hope he enjoys it!

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