Thursday, June 29, 2006

Confessions in a Group of Five Meme

Yet another meme circulating. Here are my replies.

Five Things in my Freezer
1. Easy-peel, uncooked shrimp
2. Homemade orange sherbet
3. Whole wheat sub rolls
4. Frozen spinach from Trader Joe’s
5. Frozen peaches from Trader Joe’s

Five Things in my Closet
(I chose the big downstairs closet since my bedroom closet is just clothes and shoes.)
1. Camelbak backpacks (they have water bladders – good for hiking)
2. Insulated shipping boxes and food-safe packing material for Deb’s Delectables chocolates
3. A case of St. John’s wort tea
4. Ziplock freezer bags
5. My late Grandpa Joe’s old 8 mm film projector

Five Things in my Car
1. Roadmaps for at least 5 counties in NJ and a great foldout NYC map
2. NJ Parkway tokens (which I no longer use because I have EZ Pass)
3. A tennis ball for my back
4. Bottled water (because you never know)
5. Surprise love note John left on my dashboard when we were first dating (in the map holder)

Five Things in my Purse
1. Wallet
2. Kiehl’s lip balm
3. Sony Clie’ (electronic date book like a Palm pilot)
4. Glasses case with either my prescription sunglasses or regular glasses in it, depending on which of the two I’m currently wearing
5. Cel phone

Feel free to join in. Consider yourself tagged.

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