Friday, February 10, 2006

A really nice testimonial from Jackie Damian

Today, I had the nicest surprise in my email. Jackie, an extremely handy editor, had received a box of chocolates she had ordered from Deb's Delectables and had written a glowing testimonial on her blog.

The backstory to this is that when I found out I was leaving the day job, I'd reached out to some editors for some work between jobs. Jackie's boss, and my longtime friend, Patrick threw me a bone, and I was given a great opportunity to write an article that made a few waves for a couple of weeks in early January. Jackie is the very talented copyeditor who made my original copy read like the expose' it was. So, for that, I am indebted to her. I am even more grateful that she likes my chocolates so much that she wrote about them at length on her blog!

It's nice to know that people think I'm a good writer, especially since I enjoy it so much. But a great deal of credit must go to the copyeditors and editors who really make the stories fit together seamlessly. I've sat on both sides of the table -- as both an editor and a writer. While I enjoy writing more, there is definitely an art to editing that is akin sculpting. It is satisfying to be able to shape something that is not quite there into something much more valuable.

Anyway, a good editor is truly an asset. If you need one, contact Jackie. She impressed the heck out of me.

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