Friday, May 02, 2008

First May Garden Update

May is such a lovely time. While I await the arrival of the irises, I am enchanted by the new tulips and the long-standing creeping phlox. Above is the view (while kneeling) from the front door. It's been pretty rainy and cool for the past few days, so the tulips have really been hanging in there.

While not as prolific as in previous years, the columbines are back. No purple ones as of yet, but plenty of tiny red ones.

Mom calls the tiny blue forget-me-nots "bachelor's buttons." Have you heard of that?

Above is another look at the tulips in the expanded plot. As you can see, no squirrel tracks at the moment. Why not?

That's why! We bought a plastic, hand-painted owl whose head revolves 360 degrees when the wind sends it spinning. For now, I move it between the wood pile and one of the plant stands on the left. It's been working like a charm. Yay!

I forgot how much I love the Japanese red maple. I'd pruned it a bit harshly last year, but it seems to have forgiven me, so I'm letting it bush out some before the next trimming.

How are your gardens this week?

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