Sunday, January 06, 2008

Naan Pizza

The past few times I've baked naan bread, John has said that it would make a superior pizza crust. Well, he was right.

Using a pizza stone and cranking the oven up as high as possible, we made these awesome naan pizzas. While they may look a bit white, I assure you, they were seriously tasty and golden brown on the bottoms. But, they were even better as leftovers.

I used the naan recipe from here, and topped the pizzas with my homemade tomato sauce; grated cheeses (mozz., fontina, parmigiana and asiago); oregano; and on mine, soy sausage. They were the best homemade pizzas we've made yet. I'm really looking forward to making them again some time.

And, I promise, just for Adam Kuban of Slice, I will take a photo of the upskirt. ;D

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