Thursday, January 03, 2008

Back from Utah -- Snow, Snow, Snow

This was a very snowy Christmas in Utah, for a change. On the day John and I arrived, we had to shovel over 10 inches of snow from his parents' driveway (they were away). But the next day at Alta, the skiing was great!

I took another lesson with Terry, a fun instructor who said, "When in doubt, belly button out!" This is Terry.

We skied a few times until my knees gave out, and even then, I went with John to Brighton and read a good book while he skied for a few hours. It was a bit chilly, even indoors in the cafeteria, which by the way, was way too small for the number of people snaked across the thing and back waiting on line for fries and burgers. However, I made the most of it, sat in the sun and watched all manner of snowboarder wipe out on the final slope. Ha!

We tend to go to Alta because it's for skiers only, and it's really a nice place to ski. People are generally kind (except the tourists who do NOT respect the skier's code, especially the part of yielding to the downhill skier) and it doesn't get overly crowded, at least in the morning.

Other than skiing, we spent a lovely Christmas vacation and New Year's with John's parents and sister's family. They're such nice hosts!

John's mom gave my the best present:

The Aero Garden!

I'll be posting much more on that in a future blog item.

But for now, have a good laugh at my silly home movies of the snow we experienced during our vacation.


Ricki said...

Hi Deb!

Sounds like you had fun. I am amazed to see just HOW much snow they had there (I thought we had a lot here!!), but also to see that everyone just drives through it, anyway. (In Toronto, traffic gets jammed up instantly with just about any snow!).
Fun video!

Deb Schiff said...

Hey Ricki!

Thanks for visiting. :)

They really handle the snow well out in Utah. Many folks don't even drive all-wheel or four-wheel drive cars (my in-laws, for example) because they're not crippled by the snow, like we are here.

After the first storm, when we had arrived, the snow had already settled and become heavy. But, in subsequent storms, we went out and shoveled several times while the snow was still light and fluffy.

Glad you liked the silly home movie. :D