Thursday, January 24, 2008

The AeroGarden

Truly the best gift of Christmas was this AeroGarden from my Mom-in-Law, Connie.

I made my initial "planting" of the gourmet herb garden nearly three weeks ago.

In the seed pods are a variety of basils, chives, and other nice cooking herbs. For 18 hours a day, the grow lights beam onto the little pods, and water courses over the bottoms of the pods, which contain the seeds in a spongy mass. Every two weeks I add nutrient tablets.

Here you can see the basil just beginning to poke up through the label after just a few days.

After the new growth emerged from the label (about a week later), I removed the little plastic cover that acted like a greenhouse.

And, today, I moved the top part of the lamp up to accommodate all the exciting new growth from my wee herb garden. Unfortunately, it looks like the cilantro may be a dud, but everything else is doing very well.

Do you have an indoor herb garden? If so, what are you growing?

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