Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Rant

I'm really steamed. I've been particularly peeved about one issue for some time now, but now that John and I have to replace one of our cars, this issue has risen to the top like some kind of toxic cream. "What is it, Deb?" you ask.

I hate the fact that eco-fuel is food raised for fuel instead of previously used cooking oils. It really ticks me off that there are millions of fast-food restaurants that PAY to have their cooking oils removed and disposed of, while they could easily be used to fuel diesel cars that have been retrofitted to use eco-fuel.

It costs much, much less to repurpose the cooking oil than it does to grow the crops and process them into fuel. Plus, the restaurants would save tons of money by not having their oils carted away and processed elsewhere.

Most importantly, there are people starving all over the world, and our government wants to raise food for fuel?!?! Why can't we just use the resources that we already have? This issue really makes me mad.

If we lived in a state where we could easily get the repurposed oils, it's wouldn't be as much of a question. However, we're still in New Jersey, where it seems that conservation sits way in the back of the bus while over-consumption takes up the first five rows.


Does this get under your skin too? Let me know.

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