Saturday, January 28, 2006

This was our first dinner using the pottery and the serving dishes. As you can see, I also used a serving baker from another potter for the green beans, but they kept the green beans very wam, and that's what counts. The octagonal bowl held the Trader Joe's frozen jasmine rice exactly to measure. The rice was perfect (every time!) again. You can see that the tulips have opened up a bit since the photo at the top of this set because this photo was taken on date night, Friday. After dinner, we watched the Japanese anime version of Metropolis. It bothered me that Osamu Tezuka didn't give credit to the original by Fritz Lang, on which his animated version is obviously based (however loosely). I'd still recommend it, if you enjoy anime since the colors, design and animation are very high quality. John fell asleep during it, but he tends to do that when we watch subtitled films.

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