Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just In Time

From Jan. 2009 Product Reviews and Recipes

Just in time for school today, the wall is finished. All the painting is done, and my kitchen is nearly finished (still waiting for the floor and new fridge, but it may be several months before that happens). Best of all, I repainted the kitchen, and Ken and I repainted the dining room with Benjamin Moore's Dorset Gold. It is a HUGE improvement on the previous "fleshy" color, as Ken put it. (Whose flesh, I just don't know, but he had someone in mind when he said it.)

From Jan. 2009 Product Reviews and Recipes

It's just so nice not to have to duck under plastic sheeting (read: dropcloths) or mince my way around the downstairs because everything that had been in the dining room and kitchen was put into the livingroom for ease of work. The biggest relief is that I won't have all this hanging over me while I go to school.

The only trivial bits left are to put clearcoats on the Acadia White trim paint in the plant window and on the top of the half wall (seen in the top photo).

From Jan. 2009 Product Reviews and Recipes

The surprise bonus came when after all the paint had dried, we noticed how nicely the gold in the lamps pops, echoing the Dorset Gold on the walls. The biggest lesson of all this is not to be afraid of vibrant colors. Try something new!

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