Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The window issues

Well, the new windows are done and in. However, as you can see from the series of photos below, there were a few issues. Unfortunately, there also were some phone calls from the window salesman that were particularly stressful. For nearly all of the issues, he said that the replacement or refunds would be "no problem." But, when it came to taking responsibility for his workers' damage to the siding and what he called "capping" (see below) in two places, there was a problem. He also really didn't like to hear that I was not going to pay him the second half of the fee until the issues were resolved. I still have to receive a quote from the townhouse association for the siding and capping replacement. He was quite agitated and started making up quotes. I stopped him and said that I had no idea where he was getting those numbers since we're still waiting for the quote. I'm sure it will continue to be contentious. I just hope it doesn't get litigious. It's such small stuff, he should just be professional about it and own the damage. Will keep you posted.

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vaness said...

what were they smoking?