Thursday, April 26, 2007

Garden Update

I took these photos two days ago, and already I have more plants that have blossomed. I blame this crazy spring weather in NJ these days. As you can see from the vibrant bunches in the lower two quadrants, the primulae are happily blooming away. I have quite a few different shades of purple, blue and red primulae that just keep coming back year after year. Not shown here are the brilliant yellows planted just in front of the lillies that take over once it stays hot instead of this hot/cold/rain/drought time of April.

The top two photos show some of the newer plantings. On Sunday, Mom and I each bought those peach and purple "Johnny-Jump-Ups" in the upper right quadrant. I'm not sure where she's planted hers yet, but I did take some photos of the orchids in her greenhouse that I'll be posting when she identifies them for me.

Finally, in the top left quadrant, you can see a sample of the plantings I did in the container gardens for Earth Day. Just wish my town would recycle the plastic containers the plants sit in before they're planted in my garden.

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