Monday, April 23, 2007

Product Review: Blue Silicone Rolling Pin

In an effort to improve my baking skills, I recently ordered and received a new silicone-wrapped rolling pin and pastry mat from The Baker's Catalogue. I have not yet used the pastry mat, so this review will be limited to just the rolling pin.

My old wooden rolling pin works just fine, but it's a French pin, which means that the ends are tapered and, consequently, rolling uniform crusts, cookies and other goods is much more challenging and time consuming. I decided to try the silicone rolling pin rather than another wooden one because silicone has such a good reputation for being non-stick. At the time, both were on sale (unlike now), so the purchase was a bargain as well.

First things first, it's a long pin at 20 in. And, it's heavy. Heavier than I expected, but it made rolling much less work for me. I let the pin do the work, and work it did.

I used it on this recipe to roll out the graham crackers.

Now for the bad news. My dough stuck to the pin. Yes, the pin was sufficiently floured, as was rolling surface and dough. But, it still stuck. Not badly. Not "rip-the-dough-to-shreds" badly at all. But, it stuck nonetheless. On the other hand, it stuck less than my wooden one would have under the same circumstances.

So, how would I rate this device? On a scale of 1-10, probably an 8 because it rolled very well and felt great while I used it, but the silicone should have prevented the dough sticking. Would I buy another one? Probably not. I'd aim for a wooden one with the same dimensions and heft instead.

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