Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Big Flood of 2007

This is right down the street from our house by another youtube user. About an hour ago, more than 24 hours after that video was taken, Easton Avenue was finally opened. This part of Easton Avenue in Somerset is banked by the Raritan Canal, an overflow of the Raritan River that runs parallel to it and has great bike paths (now under water).

The mighty Raritan topped 10 feet over flood stage, and is still around 4 feet above flood stage. Those poor folks in Bound Brook and the surrounding towns are in really bad shape today.

"Can't get there from here..."

Yesterday, and until about an hour ago, there was no way for us to really cross the Raritan, except via Rt. 27 -- and even then, we would have to wind our way through Highland Park because River Road was completely flooded.

All the exit ramps to/from 287 within a 20 minute drive of our house were closed.

So, all we could do was stay inside, especially given the State of Emergency announced by acting Gov. Codey (poor guy, he's had quite a time of it lately, between Gov. Corzine's terrible accident and this flood!).

Then, the horrendous tragedy of yesterday's murders at Virginia Tech occurred. So, between watching the flood videos and the terrible news on my computer, I decided that I had to go downstairs and keep my hands busy.

I made Graham Crackers from the King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion. The recipe will follow in a separate posting.

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