Saturday, October 07, 2006

Samosas! Sorry for not posting these sooner. It's been a busy time lately, between the Jewish High Holy Days, painting the house and a really interesting internship. I will post about that separately since it involves cheesemaking and bread baking. In the meantime, this blog has been patiently waiting for me to resume writing. As you can can see from the collage above, this is a recipe from the Sanjeen Kapoor cookbook that Shammi sent me in our blogging by mail trade. John and I also pulled from the Samosas recipe at, so it's a mixture of both. Going from right to left, top to bottom, here's what's in each photo: 1. Sanjeen's recipe for Samosa; 2. Cover of his book; 3. John peeling some organic russet potatoes (we typically don't peel potatoes, but we didn't know if it would affect the recipe, so we did it just this once); 4. Cooking the frozen organic peas; 5. Peas, chopped green onions and fresh cilantro; 6. Chopped jalepenos; 7. The oil we used for the recipe (I got a great deal on on four cans of grapeseed oil for $16.00); 8 and 9. John doing his magic on the potatoes.

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