Friday, October 27, 2006

Cinnamon Fudge Jewel

Cinnamon Fudge Jewel, originally uploaded by hereandthere123.

This is my first time using flickr as my photo posting device. Blogger's been so klugy lately that I thought it was time to try something different.

I made a boatload of these cinnamon fudge jewels last week. First, I flavor red-colored white chocolate with organic oil of cinnamon. Then, I paint the mold with the cinnamon chocolate and set it in the fridge. Next, I add the fudge filling to the mold and top it off with more cinnamon chocolate and finish it in the fridge. Here's how it looks right out of the mold.

There are three shapes, this square, a diamond, and an oblong jewel. They're all pretty spiffy and look pretty in their matching ruby red foil wrappers. More soon!


Fruit Seasons said...

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Joel said...

I read all of my blogs through Bloglines. Months ago, your RSS feed stopped showing me pictures. That's changed with Flickr. Flickr makes me hungry.

Keep up the good work!