Sunday, May 07, 2006

I'm just crackers for cheese!

I'm just crackers for cheese, Gromit! OK. I'm crazy about the Wallace and Gromit films. Wallace mentions Wensleydale quite a bit so John and I thought we should try it. He doesn't eat cheese by itself, unlike me. I'll each cheese with other cheese.

We went to Wegman's (too crowded on a Saturday, that's for sure!) yesterday, on the way home from shopping elsewhere, to pick up some of the salsa we like (Herdez, we like mild and medium mixed together and blended with the immersion blender until it's pretty well mush). We also favor Santitas chips. Try 'em!

I decided that it was high time we tried some Wensleydale. The cheese monger (yes, they have one there) asked which kind, since they tended to come with fruit in them. I opted for plain in order to have a better idea of the flavor on its own.

I tried it this morning plain, then melted on one of the biscuits I baked yesterday. It was much better on the biscuit. I'm not sure if I'm sold on it yet. This particular chunk of cheese hails from the U.K. and has a buttery flavor, almost sour taste. So, I could see how one would want to pack it with tasty fruit. I will have to try it on a cracker. What I'd really like is to try it on a Nairn oatcake, but Wegmans didn't have them! I was very surprised since it's so upscale. Next time I'm at Whole Foods, I'll look.

It must be my fascination with all things Scotish due to reading Alexander McCall Smith's Edinburgh-set books. If you know of an inexpensive place to get the oatcakes, please leave me a link. Thanks!

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