Sunday, October 03, 2010

Back in New Jersey

Typically, I keep this blog updated about once a week, but since the previous post, John and I have taken an epic cross-country adventure road trip in my 13 year old Honda Accord (which now sports over 180K miles on the odometer). We stopped at every national park and monument along our path, and then some. Although half our trip was spent at Yellowstone National Park, we explored the southern portion of Montana, a good deal of Wyoming and South Dakota, and stopped at museums in Michigan and New York State (The Ford and Corning Museum of Glass, to be exact).

I took more than 1500 digital photos. Probably 600 more than was necessary. (Really, how many shots of bison do I need after the first 20?) While I continue cropping and adjusting the photos I've selected for online sharing, please enjoy the tiny videos (36 seconds or shorter) I've posted at YouTube (just click on the links below).

Bison Walking Very Close to the Car

Geyser in Full Force at Yellowstone

Fountain Paint Pots at Yellowstone

Coyote in the Hayden Valley of Yellowstone Capturing a Mouse

Coyote Called Back by His Fellows in Yellowstone

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