Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Benefits of Signing Up for Email Newsletters

Like you, I receive a lot of email. Fortunately, spam filters do a great job of filtering out the junk. One category of email I receive is email newsletters from stores I frequent. In particular, I receive notifications from EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports) of sales, etc. Earlier this week, I received a great offer -- free Smartwool socks for the first 10 coupon holders at the store when it opened today. Well, I'm a big fan of Smartwool socks, wearing them almost exclusively, and I wasn't about to waste an opportunity to receive $50 worth of great socks.

So I phoned the store yesterday and asked what time they opened today. As it turned out, they opened 2 hours earlier than usual (8 am). I set my alarm for 6 am and left the house by 7 am. There were already three cars in the parking lot by the time I arrived. By 7:30, a small queue of us free Smartwool fans had formed.

What I have neglected to mention was that it was COLD this morning at 7. However, I was prepared, wearing Smartwool hikers, long underwear, and my big parka. My line friend was not, having left her gloves at home. I considered lending her mine, but I didn't have any glove liners to keep my hands warm, so instead I kept her company by striking up a lively conversation. She and I spoke about skiing to pass the time (which tends to slow when you're chilled).

Eventually, we made it inside, and I was the last person to receive a box of three pairs of socks. It was very exciting. I also bought a Techwick shirt to take along to Utah. John laughed at me and said, "They got you!" I laughed, having bought the shirt for 30% off and less than the cost of the socks, even on sale.

All that to say, you never know what you can get for free until you sign up for a newsletter.

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