Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catching Up with the Aerogarden

From Feb 2009 Recipes and Product Reviews

After a year and a quarter of enjoying fresh herbs, I decided to try out the salad greens seed pods that were on sale the last time I was out in Utah shopping with my mother-in-law (who gave me the Aerogarden two Christmases ago). So far, so good.

Because I'm a huge fan of fresh basil, I split the difference -- three pods of basil and four pods of salad greens. I can't wait to enjoy the harvest.

By the way, I'm still using the original light bulbs. I bought a few packs of bulbs when I first got the thing because the Aerogarden folks said to replace them every six months. Honestly, I've forgotten, and I can't say the plants know the difference. Either way, I'm still reaping the benefits of having a wee water garden in my dining room.

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