Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Kitchen Update

All the boxes are still in the garage, paired with another set of boxes with some replacement parts. Incidentally, some of the replacement cabinets and doors were worse than the originals, and we compromised on the new sink cabinet, which has a dark mark down by the bottom (which you really won't be able to see with the doors closed). However, Joe the contractor is scheduled to arrive at the crack of dawn (or thereabouts, thanks to daylight savings time) on Friday morning -- just two days and some change away. I'm planning to take photos while he's demolishing the old cabinets and emptying out the kitchen.

By the time Joe the contractor finishes installing the cabinets and the doors that were acceptable to us, the third round of replacements should arrive. We asked for a quote on a quartz counter top yesterday, but haven't heard back yet. We were trying to time it all so that we get our kitchen back, all shiny and new, by the end of the month. I will be without a kitchen on and before Thanksgiving, I predict, so I might just be helping Mom out for a change (HA!) instead of bringing some yummy thing along. Oh well.

Meanwhile, the contents of all the cabinets and drawers, along with the items formerly on the counter top, have been boxed and placed in the living room behind the couch. It hardly looks like I'm having any work done except if you look in the kitchen to see that the island and bookshelves are covered in plastic.

Tomorrow, I'm going to hang a plastic drop cloth between the kitchen and dining room to keep as much dust/dirt in the kitchen as possible. It worked when we sanded and repainted, so I'll use the same technique. I wish I could say it will all be over soon, but after all this is done, John and I plan to replace all the flooring in the house and, more than likely, replace the fridge with a new, EnergyStar version. Looking forward to that.

By the way, I've put up a fun little post you might enjoy on Altered Plates -- that is if you're happy about the way the presidential election turned out. If not, smile anyway. I'm happy you came to visit online.

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