Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thick Versus Thin

I'm actually talking about pizza crust.

Yesterday, John and I joined his uncle and aunt for lunch (and a lovely visit) of pizza in Pennsylvania. If you're from the Easton area, you've probably heard of Steve's pizza, especially the legendary Sicilian variety.

I wish I'd taken my camera out of my bag (usually I have it pretty handy) and gotten a nice shot of the unique pie. It was half the size of a "normal" Sicilian pie, and had the cheese under the sauce, but just a smattering of parmiggiano on top. I've had Steve's Sicilian before, and it's alright, but not my favorite. John, on the other hand, probably could have eaten the entire half of the pie.

His aunt ordered a thin-crust, small pie as well (for which I was grateful). John had mentioned that I enjoy eggplant on my pizza, so half the pie was scattered with eggplant. It was a cheesey pizza, with a tasty fresh tomato sauce and crispy crust.

It's not so much that I dislike Sicilian pie, I just didn't want so much bread, which is pretty much what it is.

Overall, you can count on Steve's for a good pizza that is loved and recommended by the locals.

Back here in Somerset, NJ, my favorite local pizza is the very crispy whole wheat crust found at Village Pizza on Easton Avenue. There are quite a few pizza joints (and increasingly more the closer you travel to Rutgers), but by far, I think Village Pizza is the tasty leader for thin crust. We have yet to find a replacement for our favorite Sicilian, Vinnie's, that closed a while back. They were so kind to me. When I was vegan, I would order an eggplant Sicilian with no cheese. They LOADED the thing with at least two pounds of fried eggplant. It was wonderful.

We miss Vinnie's.

What's your favorite local pizza?

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