Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Just in Time for Hannukkah -- Latke Crisps!

Crunchy, yummy, and low fat are three ways to describe this tasty new snack available from Thou Shall Snack. Latke Crisps are very light, not at all what you'd expect a potato pancake crisp to taste like. What they do taste like is rice crisps -- most likely because the second ingredient is rice flour.

I liked the sour cream and onion variety so much I ate the entire 1 oz. bag. Lucky for me, that's only 110 calories and 1.5 grams of fat. They come in other flavors such as original and zesty veggie.

The best part about Latke Crisps is that they're not fried -- they're baked! I know, I love friend food too, and I know that it's Hannukkah (well, when the sun sets in a few hours). But think about all the heavy, caloric food you'll be having this holiday season. Don't you want a light, crunchy, savory snack that isn't going to cost you hundreds of calories?

Overall, I'm not sure they really remind me of actual latkes, but I liked the flavor, texture, and novel idea behind them. You have to admire the company name, too, Thou Shall Snack. Although I keep wanting to type it as "Shalt" instead of "Shall." Oh well.

Happy Hannukkah! May all your dreidels land on Gimel. :D

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