Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Unedited Fridge

Seems there's a bit of a fridge meme making the rounds these days. Above is my little fridge, complete with its many magnets. Some are from Mom (5 fruits/vegetables a day), while others are magnets I've picked up in my travels (London, Memphis, Utah, etc.).

But what's inside, you say?

From the top down:
  • First shelf -- (in ziplock bags) spinach, whole wheat pitas, cauliflower, salsa, bread, more bread, leftover rice and beans, thawing frozen salmon, and John's pork chop (in the container).
  • Second shelf -- two cartons of eggs, fake chicken strips, fake sausage patties (in the plastic bag leaning on the fake chicken strips), organic apple sauce single serving cups, fat-free cream cheese (it's awful! I won't get it again), canned crab meat (for a future recipe), and the leftover dulce de leche (in the container under the meat drawer).
  • What you can't see in the meat drawer -- a container with John's turkey for lunch, sliced swiss and provolone cheeses, and montasio cheese I've been saving for fricos.
  • Bottom shelf -- water, 1% milk, Sprite, two containers of pineapple juice, vanilla Rice Dream, lemon-lime seltzer, chives, can of baking soda, and the stuff you can't really see is rolled oats and organic pastry flour.
  • What you can't see in the crisper drawers -- apples, lemons, pears and kiwis in the one on the left; baby carrots and salad greens in the drawer on the right.
I think the door of the fridge deserves its own photo.

  • Top shelf -- butter and vitamins in the butter keeper; vitamins and supplements.
  • Second shelf -- really good no-sugar-added fruit spreads, mustards, horseradishes, tahini, chopped ginger and garlic, pesto, and pickles.
  • Third shelf -- ketchup, mustard, mayo, maple syrup, hot sauce, A1 sauce, tamari, salad dressings, parmesean cheese, and worchestershire sauce
  • Fourth shelf -- taco sauce, lime juice, sundried tomato pesto, barley malt, peanut butter, cashew butter, carob candy, lemon juice.
But what about your freezer, Deb? OK, I'll show you.

You can tell I just went shopping for meat for John, it's all piled up on the left.
  • Top shelf -- giant pile of assorted meat for John (chicken, turkey, pork chops, sausage), fake sausage for me, shrimp, salmon, tilapia, lots and lots of bread, my wee ice cream maker, lots of frozen veggies you can't see, popsickles, and baking soda.
  • Bottom shelf -- coconut flour, fake bacon, cheese, my tomato sauce, more popsickles and knishes.
Finally, the freezer door, which is more a testament to our injuries than anything else.

  • Top shelf -- raw cashews and walnuts, veggie burgers, carob chips, ice packs, and ice cubes.
  • Bottom shelf -- whole wheat flour, lots of ice packs, baking soda, and more bread.
I feel so exposed! What's in your fridge??


Anonymous said...

And to think I was debating whether to reveal so much of my inner kitchen life just by photographing my PLUCO cabinet!

( )

I would NEVER show my cheese collection.


Deb Schiff said...

Ah, and what kind of cheesey goodness have you locked away in your brushed stainless fridge?