Thursday, June 05, 2008

Grilled Pizzas at Home, Trial 1

I'm not a big fan of hot weather, but I really do enjoy grilling on our new Weber Q.

Not long ago, I received a copy of Grilled Pizzas & Piadinas by Craig W. Priebe with Dianne Jacob. It inspired me to make the pizza shown above, topped with sauteed onions, spinach, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and vegetarian cheese.

I used Priebe's Basic Grilled Pizza Dough recipe, and was very impressed with its grillability. It came out exactly as he explained it would in his detailed photos and directions. I was very happy that he gave step-by-step instructions because I've made pizzas in such a variety of ways, except grilled, and his was different.

As you can see from the upskirt, I got some great grill marks from the Weber. The pizza crust was thin (although I used the thicker crust variation from the cookbook) and crispy. It was a bit overpowered by the burnt grill taste, but otherwise, I enjoyed it.

I also made a simpler version with my tomato sauce and shredded real milk cheeses. It did not compare to the one with the sauteed veggies. Although I didn't try a recipe for one of the gorgeous combinations he supplies in the book (lovely photos), I'm glad I gave his basic dough a shot. It gave me the courage to try something different (and tasty) on my grill.


Anonymous said...

I love my Webber kettle also and use it all summer long. I took a cue from a previous post of yours and purchased a similar Maverick digital thermometer which I use in the oven and now in the Webber when I use the indirect method of cooking. It helps greatly in determining cooking times. I haven't tried pizza yet, but hope to soon. Susie

Deb Schiff said...

Thanks, Susie. The thing about the Weber I really love is the temperature sensor. We don't have to keep running out there to see if things are done. We just watch the temperature through the sliding glass door and use the kitchen timer. Works like a charm!