Thursday, June 12, 2008

Field Trip: Rudolph W. van der Goot Garden

You may remember (if you've been a very loyal reader) that I shared photos of the Rudolph W. van der Goot Garden a few years ago (scroll down about 2/3 of the page for the photos -- I've drastically changed my blogging style since then).

The garden is a lovely place in June. It's fragrance is the mixture of at least 50 different fragrant varieties of rose, plus the touchable herb garden at the far end.

This year, because the weather has been so rainy, then so incredibly hot, everything there has been growing like mad, even this gorgeous mountain laurel.

Without a doubt, my favorite roses are the ones that open as one color and gradually change to another as time passes. Here's a great example.

This rose looks like it was hand-painted or tie-dyed to make its vibrant stripes.

My friend Nancy, who accompanied me, remarked that she would love roses that took care of themselves. Apart from the seasonal pruning, shrub roses would fit her bill nicely. Perhaps these pink ones?

If you're in New Jersey, I encourage you to visit the rose gardens around the state. Now is definitely the time.

Better yet, buy a plant and start a rose garden of your very own!

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