Thursday, February 08, 2007

What's in My Grocery Cart?

A few fellow food bloggers have been writing about what's in their "trolleys." Here in the U.S., we tend to call them grocery carts, although I like thinking about them as trolleys. Reminds me of San Francisco.

This is a big food weekend for me. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to visit Richard and his lovely housemate Barbara and cook my famous French Bread French Toast for them. That's reflected in some of the ingredients in the list below. On Sunday morning, Mom, Dave, and my friends Lenny and Jerome will come for homemade waffles and cinnamon buns (among other delights). Some of the needed ingredients also were in my grocery cart this morning.

Here's what was in my cart:

2 packages of cage-free eggs (two for $5)
Skim milk
1/2 lb of Boar's Head baby swiss cheese (for John's lunch sandwiches)
1 lb of Boar's Head Ovengold roasted turkey (again for John's sandwiches)
1 package Callandra's sandwich rolls (the BEST bakery in NJ)
2 long Callandra's French bread loaves (for tomorrow morning's festivities and one to send to John's parents in Utah, where good bread simply does not exist)
1 Calladra's panella loaf (also bound for Utah)
1 package of soy sausage patties (for the Sunday breakfast extravaganza--I haven't tried these yet, so I'll post a review afterward)
2 24-packs of Dannon half-liter water bottles (John drinks bottled water almost exclusively)
1 8-slice package of Taylor pork roll (also another item that cannot be had in Utah)
2 small bunches of bananas
1 lemon
1 10-pack of organic baby carrots (for John's lunches)
1 bag of organic spinach
2 packs of Hodgson Mill yeast (for the cinnamon buns)

The bill came to just over $60.00.

Next time, French Bread French Toast on location at Richard's house. Have a wonderful day!


Jeanna Olson said...

That caramel lined turtle is a great idea. There's a local chocolate maker who does cute turtle mold turtles. I love it.

hereandthere123 said...

Thanks, Jeanna. They went over big with the folks who received them.