Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Egg Roll Deliciousness

From February 2010 photos

Even though I'm trying to omit all animal product from my life in order to drop my cholesterol, I thought I'd try some Nasoya Asian Style Egg Roll wrappers. They did not disappoint.

Last week, I made egg rolls and scallion pancakes as part of an Asian-inspired dinner, and used the recipe on the outside of the egg roll packet to make the crispy appetizers. I made a few substitutions (which I probably will not make again), but they were very tasty nonetheless. The directions on the back of the packet showed precisely how to roll and fold the wrappers, but left out the important direction of lightly wetting the end to seal it against the roll. The wrappers fried up nicely. I did not deep fry them, but instead fried them in 1/8 in. of oil. They didn't take long to cook, and stayed closed while frying.

I also made my own dipping sauces with a low-sodium soy sauce and red pepper flakes, as well as a mock duck sauce using a no-sugar-added plum spread mixed with a little water and also some red pepper flakes. Both were fun dips for the crunchy egg rolls.

My rating: A for for Nasoya's egg roll wrappers (would have been A+ if they were vegan).

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