Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stopping in for a Little Catch-up

I feel like I've been neglecting this blog in favor of my independent study, my online class, my other class, my agave nectar blog, and my life offline. So, here's what's been happening (insomuch as I'll share up here).

When I look at it objectively, there is a LOT on my plate. But, it's mostly enjoyable stuff. For instance, I like the challenges of learning all kinds of new things related to digital and brick-and-mortar libraries. It's been very interesting investigating collections of artists' books, as well as other digitization projects for research purposes. It's amazing how many different ways people describe the same things.

I also have enjoyed making new friends in the MLIS program. There are some very sharp and amusing people who are becoming librarians right now. I've also enjoyed doing some fun things with friends I already have, like visiting the new wood block prints exhibit at the Zimmerli with Tanya.

There also have been very nice visits with Mom and Dave, especially their annual cousins party, where my tuna, egg, and pasta salad was a big hit. (I really should make that again soon. It's yummy!)

And, I've taken advantage of the fact that both my courses are online this semester. I've attended a bookmaking workshop at Mason Gross (Rutgers' art school), and I'm scheduled to attend an archivist conference at the end of this month in Jersey City.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to juggle it all, plus the other life stuff (time with John, exercise, cooking, blogging, etc.). I guess the thing is that I already am, and that's good because I only have the rest of this semester and the spring to finish in order to earn my degree.

One last thing -- one of the primary foci of this blog has (in the past) been gardening. I will get back to that in the warmer months, but in the meantime, here's an early photo of my spring garden to keep you warm.

From first May 2008 garden updates

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