Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sprouting Seeds in My Home Office

From March 2009 Recipes, Reviews and Other Photos

That's how things looked on March 22, when I took the big plastic sweater containers I'd been keeping under the bed and filled them with peat pots, wet compost, and flower seeds. These containers are now sitting on John's cedar chest in my office by the very sunny, southwestern exposure window.

From March 2009 Recipes, Reviews and Other Photos

After a couple of weeks of keeping these guys pretty moist and warm, I now have sprouts!

From March 2009 Recipes, Reviews and Other Photos

Mind you, not all of the seeds have germinated yet, but it's safe to say that at least 2/3 of them have little green seedlings peeking up over the compost, reaching toward the light.

I ordered most of the seeds from Park's Seeds, but some I just picked up in the $1 bin at the grocery store. Here's just a partial list:

1. Coleus
2. Calendula
3. Astilbe
4. Aster (2 varieties)
5. Lobelia
6. Dianthus
7. Coreopsis
8. Campanula (one of my favorites)
9. Aquilegia
10. Marigolds
11. Gypsophila
12. Statice
13. Larkspur

I can't wait to plant them! In the meantime, John and I have a big project ahead of us replacing the very ugly plastic garden borders with some nice concrete edging that will match the color of the house. I'm not looking forward to that. However, it's been raining a lot, so the earth should be very soft for digging.

What are you planting this season? Are you starting any seeds indoors?


Martha said...

I'm not good at transplanting seeds. I resort to buying seeds. Then I have trouble because I hate to weed out all those seeds. I feel like I'm murdering them. Visit my site at to see still images after I pick my flowers.

Deb Schiff said...

Hi Martha,

Thanks for stopping by! This is my first time doing it, but already, I've saved us hundreds of dollars by not buying the plants themselves and replanting for the season.