Sunday, May 18, 2008

Run, Don't Walk to 503 Park

Sometimes, the quiet, unassuming little towns harbor the best restaurants (my idea of "best" is great value for a fair price). Chef/Owner Tom Vogler of 503 Park in Scotch Plains, NJ, offers just that. His food is tasty, thoughtfully prepared and very reasonably priced.

Scotch Plains is a tiny town sandwiched between Route 22 East and the towns of Westfield and North Plainfield. It's a small town with a population about a third the size of the Rutgers student population. 503 Park is located on Park Avenue, one of the major arteries (if not THE major artery) of the town.

Last week, my friend Jamie Novak and I enjoyed a delicious three-course lunch at 503 Park for just $20! We opened with the Baba Ganoush, which was lemony and fresh; then moved on to the incredibly light and creamy Salmon Crepes in Tarragon Cream; and finished with the Chef's special Grilled Shrimp and Vegetable Salad. We split all the dishes, which made me think that I probably would not have ordered more than just one at a sitting unless sharing with another person.

While we dined on this very tasty fare, I interviewed Vogler on the dishes and asked Jamie how she liked them. Jamie, by the way, has loads of on-camera experience, so she was an ideal guest reviewer. She's also marvelous company, always quick with a laugh or a compliment.

Here's a short video (4 minutes, 20 seconds) of our visit to 503 Park in Scotch Plains, NJ.

Now, make your reservations for Father's Day (or any lunch or dinner, for that matter) at 503 Park. Mind you, reservations aren't necessarily needed, but always good to make.


Gerry Schramm said...

There used to be a restaurant at this same location called Salt and Pepper, and the food was good there, too. It's been years since I ate there, but the food looks delicious. Thanks for the video.

Deb Schiff said...

Thanks, Gerry. It's definitely worth the trip.