Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gardens Update

Nope, that's no typo, I meant gardens. First, the best news:

After three years, my transplanted irises finally bloomed! The bonus was that the clematis of nearly the same hue has been happily blooming for over a week. When I park my car in the lot, rather than in the driveway, I have a great view of the irises and the clematis.

Now we're starting to enter the period when my garden goes from being mostly blues and pinks to yellows and oranges for the late spring and early summer. I can already see the buds in the lilies.

Because it's been a rather wet May (and cool up until a few days ago), the columbines have been hanging in there. This pink one is particularly enhanced by the fuchsia-striped clematis growing against the garage wall.

From the front view, it's hard to miss these cheerful dianthus flowers. They're pretty hardy and will keep it up all summer if I continue to dead-head them.

Moving right along...

Mom's garden is highly colorful at the moment as well. Her giant, showy irises by the shed are breathtaking.

Toward the rear of the garden (you can see the deer fence in the background), the rhododendrons are just beginning to show their glorious colors.

This lovely ground cover is lysimachia that I bought her for Mother's Day at the Rutgers Gardens Fair. It's well placed, near the swing and by a big tree that now wears a wren house decorated with a face that resembles Dave. (John and I hunted for days to find that during our last trip to Maine.)

Looking as other-worldly as its name is the trillium planted close to the lysimachia.

Speaking of other-worldly, some of the orchids in bloom in the greenhouse were quite remarkable. Since I am far from an expert on the names (leave that to Mom and Dave), I'll just include a small sample of the beauties they have on display.

Not an orchid, but an amaryllis:

Back to the orchids.

Can't wait to see what's blooming next time!

By the way, if you're in NJ or within driving distance, don't miss the Presby Iris Gardens. The bloom time was a bit late this year, but during the next few days, it will be prime viewing time. Please let me know if you go.

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