Friday, June 23, 2006

More Shameless Self-Promotion

Adam had mentioned that he was also posting at Cooking for US, so I took a look and saw that they were still looking for writers. Hey! I thought, I'm a writer! I wrote Sean, CFU's editor a note asking if they needed someone to write about how to deal with sugar sensitivities and how to eat more organically. He said that it was a good idea and signed me up.

My first article appeared this week here. I'm looking forward to posting there every other week. I enjoy collaborating with others in the foodie portion of the blogosphere. It reminds me of when I wrote reviews of fancy and organic foods for the BBS FoodBytes (back in the very early '90s when mentioning that you worked online meant another 10 minutes of explaining what "online" was).

It's been a good publishing month overall -- a well-paying piece in EE Times magazine (on the engineering brain), my 1st monthly column at Very Good Things, a piece on Whitman's sampler for a book that will be published in January and now Cooking for US. Best of all, my consulting contract has been renewed. Yay!

In Deb's Delectables land, I will be making a lot of chocolate between now and mid-August, so there will be postings of new flavors and shapes.

It's been a busy month, and I'll be glad it's over. John will be fishing with his Dad in Utah for a week, and I've booked some fun NYC time next week. I expect to take some photos to share here, at Very Good Things, and Cooking for US (different items for each). Maybe I'll even have time to post between now and next Friday. Probably not, though. Lots of deliverables in a short time. I'm apologizing in advance if there's nothing new posted for a week.

Enjoy your week!

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